Should You Steam Clean Your Hardwood?

Hardwood and moisture don’t mix: it’s a maxim so old that it’s set in stone! It’s basically part of Hammurabi’s code, so what is the deal with these hardwood steam cleaners that we’re seeing in the consumer market. The team at Floor Coverings International® of investigates. Hardwood vs. Water Hardwood is a porous material that… Read more »

Get the Best Flooring for Bedrooms

Bedrooms are one part of the home that we end up spending a ton of time in. When it comes to the bedroom, it’s important to choose the perfect flooring that will make your space cozy and functional. Carpet is something that most people consider a must in a bedroom but there are endless possibilities when… Read more »

The In-Betweens: Tips for Flooring Transitions

Small ceramic tiles are not suitable for the bedroom but they are just perfect for a bathroom. Hardwood looks gorgeous in your dining room, but something more water-resistant, like laminate, might be necessary for the kitchen. Getting the very best flooring for every room in your home can create a patchwork of floor coverings, so… Read more »

Infographic: How to Choose the Best Kitchen Floors

Are you ready to start a new kitchen flooring project? There are a few important features to consider before deciding on your material. Luckily, the experts here at Floor Coverings International® of can help you find a style that perfectly meets your needs. Learn more here and call us to schedule your free in-home design… Read more »

Conquer Carpeting For Your Stairs

When it comes to carpeting for the stairs in your local home, there is more to consider than just color and style. Choosing the ideal carpet for your stairs is a matter of durability, thickness, and overall carpet construction. Keep reading to learn more, with this handy guide from the team at Floor Coverings International®… Read more »

Get the Look of Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Reclaimed hardwood is a unique flooring option for homeowners who want their space to be one of a kind. The experts at Floor Coverings International® of have all the details on the reclaimed hardwood trend, and how you can get the look for less. Lux Meets Rustic Reclaimed hardwood is vintage lumber that has been… Read more »

Infographic: Best Flooring Styles for Your Home

There are so many different flooring styles and materials. Each flooring option has unique benefits for different rooms in your local home. Some flooring products are great for high-traffic areas, some provide insulation to keep you warm, some offer a sleek and elegant style that fits the trends, and some timeless materials will add resale… Read more »

Hardwood Know-How: Choosing The Right Plank Width

During the colonial era in America, hardwood flooring came in the widest planks possible. They were easier to make and allowed homes to be built faster. As time progressed, narrow planks were installed in homes as a symbol of status. Today, different plank widths can be used depending on the design of the room. Floor… Read more »

Top Tips For Cleaning Laminate Floors

Here at Floor Coverings International® of we love laminate floors and homeowners in Katy, TX seem to agree. Laminate is available in many great styles, from classic tile to wood-look plank. On the practical side of things, laminate’s main selling point is durability, but to maximize the long-lasting nature of this flooring material, you will… Read more »

Infographic: Understand Hardwood Durability

If you’re installing hardwood in your home, it’s important to understand how your lifestyle will impact the floors and the durability that is required. With the wide selection of hardwood varieties available, you’ll easily find one that complements your aesthetic and can stand up to the wear and tear of your household. The experts at… Read more »

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