When it comes to carpeting for the stairs in your local home, there is more to consider than just color and style. Choosing the ideal carpet for your stairs is a matter of durability, thickness, and overall carpet construction. Keep reading to learn more, with this handy guide from the team at Floor Coverings International Katy.

carpet stairs katy txWhy Carpet?

Hardwood or laminate are great choices for many areas of your home, but the safest option for your stairs is always going to be carpet. Carpet will protect you and your family from slipping, and it cushions falls should they occur. This is especially important if you have older folks living in the home with you, or if you have kids and teens running up and down your stairs.

Carpet Considerations

Foot-traffic on stairs is highly concentrated on a narrow strip of carpet, so that carpet needs to hold its own against a lot of friction and stress. Another thing to consider is that stairs aren’t flat, so stairway carpeting has to work where it curves over the lip of each step, and it also has to blend in nicely where it meets bannisters or walls.

Thickness and Durability

The ideal carpet for your stairs will strike the right balance between durability and thickness. Your carpet should be dense enough to stand-up to heavy foot-traffic, but not so thick that it’s hard to mould around the edge of each step.

Luckily, carpet thickness is not the only measures of durability. As with most flooring, choosing the highest quality construction (and carpet pad!) that you can afford will help ensure that your carpet lasts, even in high-traffic spots like the stairs. Some materials, like nylon, will offer more durability compared to other carpet options.

carpet stairwell katy txCarpet Style and Installation

With proper installation, pretty much any style of carpet can be used for your stairs! Some consumers assume that loop styles like Berber are not appropriate for stairwells because when they bend a sample in their hands, they see the backing of the carpet peek through, and they naturally assume that this is would happen when product wraps around the edge of each step.

This phenomenon, called smiling, should not occur with a high-quality Berber that is professionally installed. Above all, your carpeting professional should know that the pile of any carpet actually has a direction to it (sort of like wood grain) and if the carpet is bent horizontally, smiling can occur. With that in mind, stairway carpeting should be installed so that the grain flows vertically down the stairs, and this way, smiling will not occur.

On the whole, expert installation will also ensure that there are no visible seams where the carpet meets the wall or a bannister. Plush carpets do a great job of concealing where the carpet meets the wall, although there can be issues with overly plush carpets spilling out between posts.

If you follow all the tips laid out in this guide, your stairs will look beautiful and the carpet will be long lasting!

Your New Carpet Flooring

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