making hardwood flooringDuring the colonial era in America, hardwood flooring came in the widest planks possible. They were easier to make and allowed homes to be built faster. As time progressed, narrow planks were installed in homes as a symbol of status.

Today, different plank widths can be used depending on the design of the room. Floor Coverings International Katy has a wide range of hardwood products with different widths. Choose from narrow strips, standard planks, and wide or mixed options depending on your preference and the style of your Katy home.

strip hardwood flooring in Katy, TX home

Strip Hardwood

Strip hardwood comes in planks that are less than 3 inches wide. In large rooms, these planks will bring a sophisticated and refined feel to your home, but in smaller spaces, a strip plank installation can have a cluttering effect. Choose a lighter color of hardwood for your strip plank flooring to ensure that your space feels light and airy.

Plank Hardwood

Standard hardwood plank has a width between 3 and 4 ¾ inches. These widths offer the largest selection of species, colors, and finishes. This sizing is optimal for easier installation of hardwood flooring, while also minimizing warping or cupping seen in certain wood species when they are cut to wider sizes.

wide plank flooring in Katy, TX home

Wide Plank

Wide planks are generally defined as widths of 5 inches or more, with larger sizes including 10 and 12 inches. These sizes are often used for rustic looks, but they can also be used for formal designs when darker colors are used. Wider hardwood planks are growing in popularity, since the size allows the tree’s full wood grain to be seen along with unique characteristics and details present in the species.

A few drawbacks of wide planks include their ability to overwhelm a smaller room, as well as their potential for warping and cupping. Avoid using wide planks in rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms or kitchens. Certain species are more prone to warping, like hickory and cherry, while others perform better, like cedar and redwood.

Mixed Width

Mixed width hardwood is the cheapest option, since the manufacturer does not have to sort and organize the pieces according to width. A mixed width installation lends a casual feel to any room. Mixed boxes will include widths of 2 ¼, 3 ¼, and 5 inches.

Your Local Hardwood Experts

For your next hardwood flooring project, call the team at Floor Coverings International Katy. We offer complimentary, in-home design consultations and estimates. View all our samples in the comfort of your own home thanks to our mobile flooring showroom.

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