Hardwood flooring will increase the resale value of your home, but to maximize your investment, you need to take care of your beautiful floors from day one! At Floor Coverings International Katy, we’ve collected an awesome list of tips to help homeowners in the Katy area get the most out of their hardwood flooring.

maple hardwood flooring katy txUse Furniture Pads

To protect underlying hardwood many homeowners opt for area rugs, but this can sometimes feel like you’re hiding one of the most beautiful things about your home.

Furniture pads are a great way to protect your floors and show them off at the same time. These little hardwood helpers go under the legs of your furniture and protect your floors from scratching and denting.

Make Sweeping a Habit

Consistent sweeping is a simple yet powerful way to keep your hardwood floors in great shape. When you sweep weekly, you keep dust and debris from accumulating and scratching up your flooring. Plus, sweeping makes a great chore for younger kids looking to earn that allowance!

hardwood flooring living room katy txThe Doormat is Your Friend

If have hardwood near the entryway of your home, get a doormat to help keep dirt and mud outside where it belongs! You might also consider making your household “shoe-free.” This is a bigger commitment, but it comes with the added benefit of sliding around in your socks when no one is watching.

Cut Down On liquid

This tip is an oldie but a goody: don’t mix water and hardwood. Try to avoid liquid as much as possible by cleaning any spills immediately.

Every 4-6 months damp mop your floors carefully, making sure to follow the grain of the wood. We recommend that you work in small sections so you can focus on controlling the moisture level. For a more aggressive clean, add a store-bought cleaning product designed specifically for hardwood. (No vinegar please, this actually dulls shine.)

hardwood flooring katy txExtra Credit For Pet Owners

Trim Fido’s nails! Dogs and cats alike can scratch hardwood floors if their nails aren’t trimmed. This one will be easy to remember because the sound of puppy nails on the hardwood will drive you crazy.

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