bathroom wall tile katy txAdd shower-power to your bathroom tile makeover when you get smart about tile flooring and wall accents. With help from the team at Floor Coverings International Katy, you can totally revamp your shower experience. Just keep reading!

Tile flooring and tile wall accents will add visual flair to your shower while protecting the underlying structure of your home from damaging moisture. Learn four awesome tips for picking your shower tile right here.

Plan For Pooling

The best shower floors are built for total submersion. With that in mind, Porcelain tile has the most natural imperviousness to water. But other tile materials can be treated to bring their water-repelling qualities up to snuff. The bottom line is this: you need to ask your contractor about waterproofing, not just water-resistance.

bathroom mosaic tileSmall Tiles = Big Traction

Large tiles are the contemporary looking choice, but are they right for the shower floor? The simple answer is no because most large tiles are downright slippery. Smaller, mosaic-size tiles will offer the best traction underfoot which is a must for shower safety and comfort. One exception is textured stone tile because its uneven surface will prevent slipping.

Freestyle Your Tile

Even though we don’t recommend large tiles for your shower floor, you can still incorporate this material as the tiling for your shower wall (or as tile flooring outside your shower). In fact, mixing and matching tile sizes and styles in bathroom design is a very popular and modern way of decorating your shower and bathroom!

tile flooring katy txKeep Minerals in Mind

Texas is notorious for having hard water, which is basically tapwater with a high mineral content. Hard water easily builds up on tile and can even stain tile that is exposed to it over time.

Smoothe tile will generally be easier to maintain in a hard water environment because there are no nooks for the minerals to get trapped in. Grout choice will also be important here, so make sure that your flooring installer is using a heavy duty option like epoxy.

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