Small ceramic tiles are not suitable for the bedroom but they are just perfect for a bathroom. Hardwood looks gorgeous in your dining room, but something more water-resistant, like laminate, might be necessary for the kitchen.

Getting the very best flooring for every room in your home can create a patchwork of floor coverings, so you’ll need to consider the best way to connect all the different flooring pieces. Keep reading to learn a little about flooring transitions, with help from the experts at Floor Coverings International Katy.

ceramic tile install katyEven Things Out

With multiple different flooring materials bumping up against one another, the main issue is height discrepancy. Not only do different flooring materials have different heights, the flooring installation process itself can create height differences. For instance, some tile flooring requires a layer of mortar, while wood flooring often has an underlayment of a different type.

Transition Strip

One answer to the issue of different flooring heights is the transition strip. These strips are made of wood or aluminium and they are installed where two types of flooring meet. The strip serves as a subtle ramp between the two surfaces.

Even when the flooring heights are even between two different installations, a flooring strip is often needed to bridge the unsightly gap between the two flooring surfaces where dust can gather. A transition strip between level surfaces is called a full saddle and a transition strip between uneven surfaces is called a half saddle.

carpet to wood transition katy texasFlush Transition

Another type of transition is a flush style transition. This kind of transition is only possible when the adjacent flooring materials are truly the same height. With the flush transition, a flooring material is installed in the space between the flooring surfaces, visually and materially joining the two in a seamless way. For this flush transition style, tile or wood can be used.

Some Quick Tips

In general, there are a few potential pitfalls to think about out here, especially with transition strips: metal transitions strips can make an unattractive squeaking noise underfoot, transition strips can loosen over time and sometimes pose a tripping risk, and finally, don’t forget to think about the visual harmony between the two flooring surfaces and the transition you’re installing between them.

Your New Carpet Flooring

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