laminate flooring samples katy txHere at Floor Coverings International Katy we love laminate floors and homeowners in Katy, TX seem to agree. Laminate is available in many great styles, from classic tile to wood-look plank.

On the practical side of things, laminate’s main selling point is durability, but to maximize the long-lasting nature of this flooring material, you will need to keep a few easy cleaning tips up your sleeve! Keep reading to learn more.

Sweep Before You Mop

Weekly sweeping and vacuuming are the bread and butter of laminate maintenance, and these tasks should be performed more often than mopping. If your vacuum has a hardwood setting, that’s a great choice for laminate. If not, you can fall back on the tried and true broom. The important thing is to physically remove dust and grit before they have a chance to scuff your laminate.

Don’t Waste Water

The great news is that a little water will go a long way to clean your laminate flooring. A damp mop two times a month is all you need for a stress-free maintenance. Wet mopping won’t damage laminate like it does hardwood, but over time, standing water left over from wet mopping can cause swelling and damage, especially between the cracks of your laminate tiles or planks.

Skip Fancy Cleaning Products

When it comes to soaps and cleaners, simple is better and less is more! For day-to-day spills (of the non-sticky variety) just a spritz of water and a clean cloth is all you need to keep your laminate floors shining.

For bi-monthly mopping, don’t mess with flashy products. Choose a simple cleaner designed for laminate, and never over-soap your floors! Too much soap will actually dull your laminate by leaving behind a residue.

mopping laminate flooring katy txCombat Stubborn Streaking

Stubborn streaking and dullness is a common frustration with laminate flooring, but this issue is not inherent to the flooring itself. Luckily, improper cleaning is usually the culprit and you can fix the issue by changing your cleaning practices.

First of all, make sure that you are not over-soaping your floors. If you scale back your soap use and the issue persists, try switching from a floor-cleaning product to homemade solution of water and a bit of window cleaner. When all else fails, dry buffing with a clean towel will help with streaks and dullness resulting from product build-up.

Find Your Perfect Laminate Flooring

Now that you’ve mastered the art of laminate maintenance, the team at Floor Coverings International Katy can set you up with brand new laminate floors for you and your family. Schedule your free in-home consultation today and we will bring the flooring samples straight to your door. Proudly serving Katy, Cinco Ranch, The Energy Corridor, and Richmond.

Photos by Africa Studio, Lucy Jovanovic

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