When you think of an old style bathroom, you may think of linoleum flooring. Linoleum flooring shouldn’t be confused with vinyl; the two are very different. Linoleum is an eco-friendly flooring option that dates back to the 1960’s where it was a flooring staple because its rich color palate worked well with the décor of that era.

Linoleum is made from linseed oil and resin, which make it more environmentally friendly than vinyl flooring options which is a petroleum by-product. Another major difference between the two is that vinyl’s patterns are printed on the surface, where linoleum’s color is mixed in the material. While most commonly sold in sheets, linoleum flooring can also be found in tiles.

Linoleum often costs significantly more than vinyl, in part because it’s notoriously difficult to install. In contrast, vinyl flooring has the capability of looking so similar to wood, stone or tile that many might mistake it for the real thing. For that reason, many customers in the Katy and Houston area ultimately choose vinyl flooring or a similar alternative for their home or business.

When comparing linoleum to vinyl, keep in mind that new advances in vinyl flooring have made it possible to recreate the look of hardwood flooring and even stone. See some of the different options in person and discuss the pros and cons of each choice with the experts at Floor Coverings International serving the Katy, TX and the Houston Metro area today.

Let us, your local linoleum experts in Katy, TX, bring a variety of samples directly to your door. We provide you with our selection and expertise in the comfort of your own home so that you may compare colors and flooring types with your home’s individual colors, furniture, and style. Contact us today for your free in-home consultation.


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