Basements in the Katy, Cinco Ranch, The Energy Corridor, and Richmond area present some unique flooring challenges. The primary one is the higher level of moisture that’s often found in these lower level rooms. Here at Floor Coverings International Katy, we work with home and business owners to help them choose the right flooring for their basement.


3 Things to Consider About Basements


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1. Moisture Levels

The air in your basement often has a higher level of moisture than other parts of your home or business. Over time this can cause damage to certain types of flooring. It’s important to choose flooring that can resist mold or mildew damage caused by these higher moisture levels.

2. Standing Water

Basements are the first place hit by floods and leaking water. You can save yourself a lot of stress if you choose a waterproof floor that won’t be as damaged by such accidents.

3. Warmth

Though we have a warm climate here in the Katy, Cinco Ranch, The Energy Corridor, and Richmond area, basements can still be colder during winter months. If you are concerned about the temperature in your basement, it’s a good idea to choose a warmer flooring material.


The Best Flooring for Your Basement


If you are looking for flooring that’s totally waterproof and very durable, it’s best to choose a stone tile like ceramic or travertine. A good alternative that won’t last as long but will offer a similar style is luxury vinyl tile. Vinyl won’t add the same value to your home, but it will be a lot warmer underfoot.

Another good option for basements is engineered hardwood. Fluctuating moisture levels or standing water can warp solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood is designed with thin layers that leave more room for the wood to expand and contract without damage. Another good option with a similar benefit is laminate. Laminate flooring comes in styles that look like solid hardwood or stone tiles.

If warmth is your priority, you can also stick with a carpet floor. Be sure to choose a low pile, looped carpet like Berber. These styles are much better at resisting water damage than plush, high pile carpets.

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