There are tons of different types of flooring, but carpeting is one of the most popular for homeowners in Texas. Today, the team at Floor Coverings International Katy is offering up some thoughts on high-pile carpet flooring. Keep reading to discover if this carpeting option is right for your home in the Katy area.

high pile carpet katy texasIntroducing High-Pile Carpet

High-pile carpets have long carpet strands, and a cut-loop construction, meaning that the individual carpet strands aren’t looped back into the carpet backing but have been cut open. The cut-loop construction of the high-pile carpet gives this flooring option a luxurious feeling underfoot.

Some high-pile carpets have strands that are densely packed and stand upright. The classic example of this is Saxony carpet, sometimes referred to as “plush carpet.” Shag carpet is an example of a high-pile carpet with less density, resulting in carpet strands that are floppier and don’t stand upright.

Benefits of High-Pile Carpets

High-pile carpets are coveted for their softness and their attractive appearance! For example, the dense construction of Saxony gives off a lavish vibe, like something that you’d find in a nice hotel. This type of high-pile carpet is great for guest rooms and sitting rooms where entertaining takes place.

Because high-pile carpets are so soft and cozy, they can also make a nice addition to casual family living rooms where children play on the floor and everyone just wants to sink their toes in and relax.

frieze carpet in bedroomSome Considerations

The long strands of high-pile carpet can hide dust and dirt in the short-term, but for the sake of cleanliness, you’ll want to make sure that your high-pile carpet gets a deeper clean every once and a while: a yearly steam cleaning can reach deep down into dense carpet to remove dirt and allergens.

Another issue with high-pile carpet is durability. The cut-loop construction of this type of carpet leaves it vulnerable to “blooming.” This occurs when the exposed tips of these carpet strands wear out and start to unravel.

If you want to prevent blooming, opt for a resilient fiber type like nylon and don’t go for budget options if you can afford to invest in something longer lasting. Carpet placement is another thing to consider because carpet blooming is less likely to occur in rooms that don’t experience much foot traffic: yet another reason to pick high-pile carpeting for bedrooms and guest rooms.

Your New Carpet

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