White oak flooring is a beautiful yet sturdy choice for homes in Katy, Cinco Ranch, The Energy Corridor, and Richmond. With white oak, you’ll enjoy the benefits of hardwood flooring as well as the subtle look of a classic, all-American species of wood. Learn more about white oak flooring and what it can do for your home, with this guide from Floor Coverings International Katy.

white oak hardwood living room flooring katy txIntroducing White Oak Hardwood

Oak is among the most commonly used species of hardwood in American homes. There are two main types of oak wood used for flooring: white oak and red oak.

White oak hardwood is available in a range of natural shades as well as pre-stained varieties. You can also choose between engineered white oak and solid white oak to get the perfect match for your flooring needs.

Timeless Investment

white oak hardwood flooring katy txWhite oak scores 1360 on the Janka scale, which is used to rank the hardness of wood. This means that white oak flooring is harder than red oak flooring but softer than notoriously tough hickory hardwood.

The hardness of white oak hits the sweet spot for wood durability. It has enough density to prevent easy denting, with a counter-balancing softness that protects against scratching (a problem for harder, but more brittle wood types).

The durability of white oak makes it a star among hardwood options, and this flooring material is sure to increase the resale value of your home with its longlasting beauty.

Won’t Clash with Décor

Natural white oak hardwood flooring is typically light tan or light brown in color. With minimalist or modern décor, the white oak hardwood flooring bedroom katy txnatural coloring of white oak will make your home feel bright and serene. In homes with a more rustic and lived-in vibe, white oak floors also work well, adding a hint of warmth and a sense of effortless chic.

The grain of white oak is particularly tight and straight which will make your floors look smooth as satin. The simple grain pattern of oak makes this hardwood variety a fit for almost any style of the room and it will blend seamlessly with the look of your home.

Some Considerations

With hardwood floors, a top concern is the material’s sensitivity to water and climate. Among flooring options, hardwood is particularly susceptible to warping if it is exposed to dampness, or too much heat or cold.

But there’s good news if you love the look of white oak because this hardwood flooring option is slightly more stable than other varieties of hardwood and that means that it is less susceptible to these common hardwood stressors.

Get Brand New Oak Hardwood Flooring

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