Porcelain tile is the classic bathroom flooring option for a reason: its imperviousness to water sets it apart from other tile flooring materials! Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of porcelain tile for your bathroom floors. The team at Floor Coverings International Katy has the details for you, right here.

porcelain tile flooring in bathroom katy txIntroducing Porcelain Tile

True porcelain is a ceramic material that is uniquely hard and dense. The density of porcelain makes it completely resistant to water, and this is the primary reason that porcelain is found in bathrooms and other wet places.

Unlike similar ceramics, porcelain is manufactured at uniquely high temperature, from a signature composition of raw elements. This manufacturing process gives porcelain tile its special superpowers.

Benefits of Porcelain Tile For Your Bathroom Floor

large porcelain tiles bathroom katy txPorcelain tile is the perfect combination of hard and dense, making it an incredibly strong flooring material. Other tile options, like natural stone, can be hard but porous, which is a recipe for brittle flooring that is more easily damaged.

Unlike more fragile forms of tile flooring, porcelain tile for homes in Katy, TX will resist scratching, denting, and other signs of wear. Hardcore porcelain will also last you decades, and you will never have to reseal or refinish it.

We already mentioned this one, but the other great thing about porcelain tile is that it is uniquely waterproof. You’d be hard-pressed to find a flooring option better suited to the damper areas of your home.

Finally, porcelain is the ultimate design choice for a classic or retro-chic bathroom. Porcelain tile has been used in bathrooms since the very invention of modern indoor plumbing! Rest assured when you choose porcelain tile for the bathrooms in your Katy home.

Some Considerations

classic porcelain bathroom tile katy txPorcelain is more expensive than other ceramic tile options and it might be out of your price range in the short-term. However, if you can afford ceramic, you will save money over time because it is so long lasting!

Weight is another issue when installing porcelain tile, especially in upstairs rooms and in older houses. You’ll need to consult an expert to make sure porcelain is a fit for your second-story bathroom.

While you’re consulting that expert, here are two more questions to ask:

  • “Is the porcelain tile I’ve been eyeing from this supplier really porcelain?

Plenty of ceramic tiles are mislabeled as porcelain even though they lack the unique durability and imperviousness of the real deal! Ask your professional just to be sure.

  • “When can you start the installation?”

That’s right, porcelain is very tricky to install and it’s definitely not a job for the DIY crowd.

Install Porcelain Tile Today

The team at Floor Coverings International Katy is here to help you get the best bathroom flooring in your local home. Schedule your free in-home consultation today! We proudly serve homes in Katy, Cinco Ranch, The Energy Corridor, and Richmond.

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